12HoursEssay Upgrades Air Conditioning System: Savings Meant to Improve Service

June 30 – July 1, 2020

June 30 - July 1, 2020
Tuesday – Wednesday
11:00 PM - 3:00 AM

USA, New York

12HoursEssay.com is turning up the AC for less. Upgrade to cooling system to garner savings applied to 12HoursEssay.com customer support improvements.

12HoursEssay.com has been working towards a more sustainable work environment for years now. We are trying now to address the energy cost of the summer heat. The newest in climate control will save money to be used for customer support.

Summers have been getting hotter recently. Whether this is a cyclical effect, or a global trend due to human activity, it is happening, and it makes workspaces miserable. In addition, it adds to the burden of our computer equipment.

The heat also adds to our bills, and worries us because of our increasing carbon footprint. To offset 12HoursEssay.com’s impact and costs, we are taking steps to improve the efficiency of our HVAC system.

There are several elements of our planned upgrade. 12HoursEssay.com is aiming for having windows that are heat-reflective, and openable wherever possible. Such ventilation will shorten the air conditioning season. Our ongoing policy of powering down unused equipment contributes modestly, as well.

A new cooling unit with 90-plus percent efficiency is another part of the system. This represents a major investment, but the savings will be plowed back into improvements in 12HoursEssay.com customer service.

12HoursEssay.com’s previous efforts to reduce operating expenses are archived at our website, https://12hoursessay.com There are descriptions of our sustainability initiatives there as well.

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